» 100% of production for export to over 35 countries in the world.

» Experienced staff with a team of 70 Full Time continuously trained dedicated employees coherently working to achieve our customers’ complete satisfaction.

» Fully integrated Botanicals, Spices & Herbal Teas Cleaning, Sorting, Grading and Cutting lines with high capacity BRC Certified to achieve maximum flexibility in complying with our customers’ requirements.

» Two modern Steam Sterilization units BRC Certified with big capacity for Herbs and Spices allowing our products to have the microbiological parameters in accordance with European, US and Japanese regulations.

» Efficient unit BRC Certified with smart facilities and big capacity for blanching Almonds.

» A large network of over 360 Farmers and Collectors to ensure a regular supply of top quality of natural raw material.

» Strict quality control and efficient laboratory to conduct analyses and establish specifications: chemical, organoleptic, physical, microbiological, HPLC & GC.

» Warehousing Service with stock on call for our customers throughout the year with constant level of quality at a guaranteed price.

» Farming subsidiary with its own land of 930 Acres irrigated where we grow under control high quality Herbs and Aromatic Plants.

» Efficient Distillation Unit, Cold Pressing Unit & Solvent Extraction Unit with anti deflagrating equipments to produce high quality Essential Oils, Floral Waters, Vegetable Oils & Botanicals Extracts.

» Three factories located in Fes & Essaouira producing Carob Ingredients & LBG-E410, bought in 2019 from the company CARGILL with the brand LBG-VISCOGUM ®.


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