Who we are

» SANTIS has been established since 1990 and well known as a producer and exporter of Botanicals, Spices, Almonds, Natural Essential Oils and Botanicals Extracts.

» With a modern factory on 45.000 sqm in Casablanca area well equiped with high capacity of processing lines, SANTIS is BRC Certified.

» Our factory is well equiped with two modern Steam Sterilization units with high capacity for Herbs and Spices allowing our products to have the microbiological parameters in accordance with European, US and Japanese regulations.

» Also, our factory for Blanching Almonds is well equiped with smart facilities and experienced staff allowing us to offer a high quality of Blanched Almonds.

» Our Extraction Units are equiped with efficient facilities managed by proficient chemists to produce high quality of Absolutes, Resinoids, Oleoresins, Dried Extracts & Natural Antioxidants, Rosemary Extract SANTIOX®.

» Our Organic Department offers a range of Herbs and Natural Essential Oils Organic Certified by ECOCERT.

» Through our farming subsidiary AGRIAROM with its own land of 930 Acres irrigated, we grow under control of high-quality Herbs & Bitter Orange Trees with distillation facilities at site.

» SANTIS is present in West Africa through its subsidiary SANTIS BURKINA specialized in supplying aromatic natural ingredients from West Africa.
Our multidisciplinary on-site team works in the training, harvesting, collection, processing and delivery of the products to the international market.

»Trought our subsidiary the company CAROBINGREDIENTS, we produce various Carob Ingredients & LBG-VISCOGUM ® - E410


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