Warehousing Service With Stock on Call

» Many botanicals raw materials are produced only once a year. After harvesting, SANTIS offers its partners storage facilities throughout the year leading up the new crop, with an option for delivery “just in time”.

» SANTIS ensures the constant level of quality is available on call for the duration of the contract at the guaranteed price.

» This saves costs and cuts quality risks. Contracting goods at a fixed price up to the next season gives customers a reliable basis for their calculations in the context of their own budgeting programme.

» The warehousing service involves a regular surveillance of the quality and, where necessary, careful treatment as storage control.

» With the experience of SANTIS, we provide a constant quality when it comes to raw materials demanding every care and attention : From the cultivation to the preparation, the processing, and the warehousing, right up to point where they reach the customer.


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